Yoga & Mindfulness for Grounding: Minded Inspired


A yoga and mindfulness course designed specifically for individuals who are dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

Inspired by Heather Mason and the Minded Institute, the 6-week course is an evidence based program developed by Colleen Lally as therapeutic support for individuals who are dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. Using yoga principles and mindfulness meditation techniques, we aim to improve your mind-body connection while enhancing your positive mental health.

This course discusses the physiological and psychological aspects of stress, anxiety and depression, including how yoga and mindfulness practices can benefit those suffering with stress, anxiety and depression. Colleen Lally also includes her own personal experiences and recovery techniques that she has developed over the years as examples.

Through gentle yoga postures, breath work and mindfulness techniques, you will learn how to develop mindful awareness and how to balance your nervous system when you are in a state of stress - resulting in you becoming a more grounded individual.

Each week is themed so you can explore your yoga practice through different perspectives. 

Each 2-hour session broadly follows the same structure

  • Yoga practice

  • Breath work

  • Group activity

  • Group discussion

  • Explanation of home yoga and mindfulness practices

Beginners and all levels of yoga and meditation are welcome

You can work at your own pace in our supportive and non-judgmental environment so don’t worry if you have never practiced before. We will support you throughout the course. 

You will have an opportunity before each session for a private discussion if you have any questions or concerns regarding yoga, meditation or mindfulness. 

Please note: This COurse does not replace your MEdical treatment plan.


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