Speaking & Collaborations


I love consulting with government agencies, universities, non-profit organisations, charities and companies on the affects of substance abuse and how to develop bespoke support models for individuals affected by substance abuse. If you have a research proposal or would like me to share my expertise in a podcast, an article, the press or any other media outlet, please get in touch.


Speaking Engagements

I am passionate about talking to people about the benefits of yoga and how it can help reduce stress and anxiety caused by having an alcohol dependent or a substance dependent person in your life. Please let me know about your event and we can discuss how I can contribute to its success.



My presentations are relaxed, friendly and interactive with plenty of time for questions. Although the structure and content is dependent on your individual needs, presentations usually include neuroscience, evidence based scientific research and beneficial yoga postures. I often use examples from my own life, discussing how yoga helped me to reduce feelings of guilt, shame and self-criticism. Each presentation will provide some basic tools on how to start a sensible and sustainable yoga and mindfulness practice.

Some previous presentations include:

Yoga and the 14 Traits of an Adult Child of an Alcoholic (“the Laundry List”)
Mind-Body Connection
Improve your Confidence

Presentation fees vary depending on travel, number of attendees and length of the presentation, so please email with the details of your proposed event so that we can work on finding the best option for you.